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Plains Zone Opportunities

Did you know… if your land is zoned Plains Production in Hastings District you could have up to 6 dwellings on your property.

Cottages New Zealand builds quality prefabricated transportable buildings – Family Homes, Holiday Accommodation, Papakāinga Housing and Worker Accommodation.

You could earn over $2,000 a week from your property.*1

Is this you? Wondering what else you can do with your rural property? A second income perhaps?

Then this is potentially what buildings you can have on your land within the Hastings District Council plains zone land*2

An example of a suitable floor plan – this is a 45m2 – but other sizes can be build to the totals as outlined above.

This is a photo example of a 36m2 building – suitable for visitor or worker accommodation. When considering these uses it is important to profile the demographic and returns required. This will help develop the project specification and design requirements.

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*1- Amount depends on rates and amount of building located on property available for rent.

*2- Check with your local council to qualify statements made on this page are available for your property in your region.

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