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EXCEL SERIES – enhanced learning environments

Cottages NZ is proud to introduce you to their EXCEL SERIES of educational buildings. Following research & development we believe we have found the perfect solution to your educational needs – classrooms, resource rooms and ablution blocks.

The EXCEL SERIES is a range of buildings designed, constructed and delivered without the issues identified above, taking into account that not all schools have the capability to facilitate the movement of transportable buildings on to site. We have developed several construction methods to be able to deliver either completed buildings or fabricated components without causing disruption to the school.


A building is fully completed before being transported to its final location.


Where several buildings are required to be linked together. This construction method, while completed offsite, allows for buildings to be brought together at their final location and placed together.


Components of a building are completed in the factory then transported to the final location.


Similar to the pre-fabricated components however the components are connected into pre-fabricated pods.

Whichever method you choose, onsite construction time is reduced by approximately 90%. Any On-site foundation work can be carried out during school holiday periods, further minimizing any disturbance to the School’s staff and pupils.

Design options are available to suit the requirements of individual Schools and include

  • Gable roof
  • Monopitch roof
  • Ablution block.

Further options are available to include maintenance-free exterior cladding systems and solar power.

Each design takes into careful consideration the ‘Whole of Life’ costs of a building i.e. maintenance over a 50 year period plus operating costs.

Design Features

  • Sustainable timber materials used
  • Energy efficient; double glazed and increased R values for insulation.
  • Allow for potential changes in future requirements.
  • Automatically controlled lux levels.
  • Acoustically enhanced.
  • Suspended ceilings with acoustic tiles.
  • Maximum natural light.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Expansive exterior covered verandah.
  • Options on ‘maintenance-free’ materials.
  • Services for; data, fire, wireless internet, audio and visual requirements.
  • Heat pump.
  • Options for solar energy.
  • Designed to be modular and also pre-fabricated components.
  • 50 year lifespan.

There are numerous advantages to constructing off site in a workshop environment:

  • Less disruption to your school, staff and pupils
  • Higher quality control
  • Better control of sub contractors
  • Reduced construction time frames
  • No down time due adverse weather
  • Reduced Health and Safety risks
  • Ability to store buildings offsite until required
  • On site construction greatly reduced i.e. foundations and service connections can be all that is required
  • Ability and methodology to manufacture multiple buildings at any one time
  • 24 hour operation and 7 day a week construction capability
  • Guaranteed manufacture and delivery times
  • Projects are adaptable to change
  • Fixed price contracts (did you know that on average onsite builds go over budget by 20%)

All saving you time, money and inconvenience.


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